Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Suitcase Needed

From Hawaii to the Bahamas; from Florida to Wisconsin; from California to Tennessee, to Georgia and Iowa and Illinois and Michigan and Maryland; I have made a few trips in my life. Some were spontaneous, but others had a specific goal in mind and required extensive preparation. All however, left impressions and created memories because that’s what traveling does. Celebrate with me as I begin a new journey. I won’t be traveling or needing a suitcase for this excursion, though. Instead, I will venture forth from the comfort of my little home office, offering up thoughts or ideas, or maybe even some historical facts. You might occasionally find some photos, a scripture verse or some artwork posted. The approach may change, but the focus will usually be somehow connected to language. Speeches, proverbs, scripture, essays, poetry, song lyrics, conversations-language comes in many forms. Maybe it is the way a word is spoken, or when it is spoken; it could be why it is used that makes it so powerful, but one thing is sure-words have influenced the world repeatedly. In my opinion, that thought is enough to make the subject of language and words a vital issue. My heart tells me it is a subject worthy of much consideration. The spoken word has never come easily to me, but those who know me well will understand that I am an introvert with something to say. I hope my blog-voice is easily heard as I move forward. I invite you to accompany me on this little jaunt, and I hope you find that you have been blessed and encouraged.